We Ecopower International Initiative LLC are committed to combating global warming, climate change and world food security via the regenerative restoration and preservation of our rainforests.


Our aim is to put an immediate stop to the consumption of precious wood as a fuel source which is a major contributing factor for the decline of our rain forests and together socially and economically empower and liberate our indigenous populations.


We solicit and empower rural indigenous communities by way of planting trees such as endangered tropical varieties together with Castor Trees , the seeds of which are used to produce vegetable oil that is then transformed into renewable clean energy in the form of nontoxic bio-combustibles.


Rural Indigenous communities and individual families can then make their own clean renewable non-toxic energy that is reliant on the regenerative restoration and reforestation of our rain forests. The excess production generates an income that is devised via sustainable means, enabling these communities to build schools, hospitals and other social structures along with economic independence. We do not agree that as a modern world we expect people to live in extreme poverty.

There is a gap between how we live (over consumption, energy waste, greed) and how we must live( the transition from private to public wealth – for the whole world), but everyone has needs and those needs are always changing.

If there is an expectance for communities to protect a biosphere reserve yet they themselves are living in extreme poverty, then we must tell the story of how poverty pushes indigenous communities to make difficult choices, for example;

Do I cut down a tree today to feed my family or do I let my family starve?

You can help us provide clean renewable electricity to every indigenous family inside the Biosphere Bosawas to halt the destruction of their forests by way of eliminating the use of precious wood for firewood.

Our forests welcome your help; the horizon is the limit… let’s make it green.

We are exclusively in the change of restoring the indigenous reserve bosawas, the 2nd largest biosphere in America’s, 2nd only to the Amazon, home to over 320 species.

We currently are working together with 32 indigenous communities of Bosawas Biosphere Reserve in Central America, it is one of the largest contiguous forest in Latin America. It is a rich landscape with 21 different ecosystem types and is home to 13% of known species worldwide. There are numerous rare and endangered animals like Jaguars, Giant Anteaters, Baird’s Tapir, and more than 200,000 species of insect. The reserve stretches across the Nicaraguan-Honduran border and is an integral part of the Mesoamerican Biological corridor – which connects 8 countries and provides free movement for biodiversity. Read more… BOSAWAS

You Can Help Us Provide Clean, Renewable Electricity To Halt The Destruction Of Forests For Firewood.


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