We At Ecopower International Initiative LLC Are Committed To Combating Global Warming & Climate Change Via The Restoration & Preservation Of Our Rainforests.


We aim to put an immediate stop to the consumption of precious wood as a fuel source, which is a major contributing factor for the decline of our rain forests and together socially and economically empowers and liberate our indigenous populations.


How we do this is we solicit and empower rural indigenous populations to plant trees such as indangered tropical varieties together with castor trees the seeds of which are used to produce vegetable oil that is then transformed into renewable clean energy in the form of bio combustibles.


This way the rural indigenous communities can then make their own clean, renewable, non-toxic energy that is reliant on reforestation and the restoration of our rain forests and with the excess production can generate an income that will enable these indigenous communities to build schools, hospitals, and other social structures along with economic independence.

We are exclusively in the change of restoring the indigenous reserve bosawas, the 2nd largest biosphere in America’s, 2nd only to the Amazon, home to over 320 species.

We are currently working with 6000 indigenous families in reserve “bosawas” on the border of Honduras & Nicaragua in the Central American Jungle.

You Can Help Us Provide Clean, Renewable Electricity To Halt The Destruction Of Forests For Firewood.


Trees Planted

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