FOR $591.25c you give a family electricity to stop burning wood and a chance to better provide for their families via regenerative reforestation and the restoration of our rain forests.

$100 cash commitment on signing and a pledge commitment of $450 to be called upon once we reach our target goal of 2000 families

The first $100 (+7.5% bank charge to total a charge of $107.50c) is used to plant 1000 trees and running costs.

The second installment of $450 is used;

$150 buys a personal family electric generator + electric stove + battery, lights, sockets & cable.

$300 is collectively pooled to fund the erection of a biodiesel factory and machinery to build community access roads (please see our breakdown of donated funds and how they will be utilized).

(+7.5% bank charges to total a charge of 483.75c)

2000 sponsored family’s x $550 = $1,100,000.00

+7.5% PayPal + Bank Charges =$1,182,500.00


We connect you with an indigenous family that you will sponsor and mentor.

For an optional additional $50 you purchase your indigenous family an android cellular phone for you to communicate directly with them as often as you want via chat or video, this way you can participate in the restoration of our rain forests and see first-hand your donation at work.

Thank you for supporting The Indigenous Reserve BOSAWAS, your donation helps sustain the 2nd largest Biosphere in the America’s, our Indigenous Heritage and most importantly our RAIN FORESTS and the 320+ Species who dwell here.